10 Reasons Why ChatID is a Great Place to Work

As a team, we encourage each other to be the best we can be. ChatID is full of talented rock stars who all genuinely enjoy the work we do and the people we work alongside. 

  1. Our product is awesome. No other technology like ours exists. We champion unparalleled customer experiences by enabling consumers to access product expertise in every retail channel
  2. We are diverse: Not only do we have people from every continent (minus Antarctica… although give us time), everyone has an interesting story about how they ended up here. We firmly believe in equal opportunities for all, which is why we’ve made Diversity one of our core values.
  3. Our GIF-centric culture: We work hard, and have fun while doing it. Our email and Slack channels are often littered with hilarious gifs. This helps us to keep our close-knit team culture and build relationships with each other.
  4. Work/life balance. We all have crazy (and different) schedules. Which is why our employees can work from home when they need to.
  5. Our leadership. Our CEO is young, vibrant and smart. Our senior leadership team has a wealth of proven successes. They motivate us on a daily basis, and lead by example, with honesty and integrity.
  6. Everything we do has a meaning. As a team, we are accountable not only to each other, but also to our clients, and investors. Together, we are committed to our success, as individuals, and as ChatID. We also give back within our community, each office donates a day each quarter to support local charity initiatives.
  7. From coast to coast: Our distributed team, across our New York, Austin and San Francisco offices, give us the opportunity to travel and work with colleagues outside of our home office. Timely and personal communication is a value we live by, which is crucial for decentralized teams like ours.
  8. “United we stand, united we fall” We are truly all in this together; we have each other’s backs and always pull together as a team.
  9. We bleed ChatID green. We are all extremely passionate about what we do, and the impact our solution has on the consumer experience.
  10. We are a rocketship. The speed at which we are growing constantly motivates us to innovate and inspires us to keep working our (tails) off.

Interested in joining our awesome team?

We offer a competitive salary, great benefits, flexible vacation time, and snacks and beverages (yes, we keep beer in the fridge). Check our careers page for the latest vacancies.