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Welcome to a faster and more engaging consumer buying experience

Welcome to a faster and more engaging consumer buying experience

In today's hyper-interactive shopping environment, chatting and messaging have become a natural extension of how we shop online. Chatbar and Chatbar Mobile takes the experience beyond industry standards to deliver a faster, more engaging buying experience.

It is the first and only consumer, brand and retail engagement platform to connect consumers with brand and retail experts in a single continuous conversation, independent of any chat protocol.

Plus, with the network of expert resources and intelligence gathered from consumer behavior and actual conversations, brands and retailers gain huge competitive advantage to drive more sales.


What is new?

Welcome Bar has been re-architected from its previous iteration; consumers will see faster load times and snappier performance. Additionally, the size and complexity of the codebase has been reduced, enabling our engineering team to update and add features more quickly without any additional deployment effort.

Dynamic Click to Chat CTA

The branded chat button only appears when there are agent resources available to chat. Welcome Bar continuously checks agent availability 3X more than traditional solutions, ensuring a fast and snappy experience.

Branded Welcome Experience

Once consumers click the CTA, they enter a branded experience so they know they are dealing with a specific expert. 

Continuous Shopping Experience

The whole chat experience follows the consumer across the entire site, accompanying them throughout the buying process, so that they can chat and shop at the same time. On Welcome Bar Mobile this takes the form of Chatheads that can be minimized but still accompany consumers throughout the buying process.

Agent Availability Polling

Most messaging solutions check for agent availability every 60 to 90 seconds, but we believe things should be faster and snappier. We made improvements so that agent availability is checked 2X-3X more often: now, every 30 seconds, Welcome Bar checks for agents, updating the brand splash, the expert list and whether a Chat CTA is shown. This gives a vastly quicker experience for the consumer and results in fewer missed chats.

Expert List

Since any retail site may have multiple expert resources available, Welcome Bar now enables consumers to access a list of brand experts, so that conversations are now organized with experts, enabling consumers to easily see who and what they chatted about previously. The expert list is particularly useful on a product category page and can be highlighted to drive engagement without the need to navigate to specific detail pages. This is also a great opportunity to engage consumers who may have not decided on a particular brand or product.


State persistence

To provide a continuous chat experience, we’ve updated the state persistence capability. Now if a shopper has multiple browser tabs or windows open to the same site, any interaction they have in Welcome Bar (send/receive messages, click to open more chat windows, etc.) will automatically update in other windows/tabs.

Desktop Browser notifications

As consumers browse the retail website after initiating a chat, they will see desktop browser notifications as new chat messages arise. Consumers can opt in or out of desktop notifications as needed. This creates a more engaging responsive experience leading to less abandoned chats.

Brand Relay

When a consumer initiates a conversation with a brand, it will seamlessly follow the customer from the brand site to the retail site without disconnecting the agent or losing chat history. Brands will be able to continue to influence ("control") the customer as they shop on the brand site and continue to support the customer if the customer decides to research and shop on other sites (e.g. retailer site). For retailers, conversations taking place with customers on brand sites can seamlessly continue onto the retailer's site as the customer navigates from brand to retailer. 

One more thing...

In addition to improving current consumer and agent experiences, we are constantly innovating and incorporating support for future products and features; our new upcoming product Welcome™ Collaborate, for instance, creates an even more engaging and seamless experience.

Product Intelligence Services.002.jpeg

Preparing for future Welcome™ products: Welcome Collaborate

ChatID is getting ready to launch Collaborate, a capability that has been in private Beta for the last few months. Collaborate expands on Chatbar by enabling both brand and retail agents to join a consumer in a single conversation across touchpoints. In order to enable this capability, the brand and retail agents are required to check the availability of other agents before connecting the consumer. Collaborate also functions as a true chatroom, facilitating multi-party conversations. However, it can also be configured as a transfer point to pass the conversation from one agent to another.

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Welcome to the Shopping Jungle

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