Welcome to the Shopping Jungle

The future of Customer Acquisition, Engagement, and Commerce

Las Vegas, NV, Shoptalk, May 16, 2016  –Shopping is a jungle – exponentially expanding assortments, conflicting product information, multiple buying options, ever-changing consumer preferences and more. The one thing, however, that can propel a customer to buy is the ready availability of product expertise–wherever the consumer happens to be–online, on their mobile device, in the store, browsing the web or browsing a print magazine at the beach.

Today we are introducing the new face of our brand, Welcome™, which includes the Welcome™ Conversation Platform, the Welcome suite of products, intelligence and services that make it possible to accelerate the acquisition of customers across the buying cycle.

For the first time, brands and retailers can stand with consumers wherever they purchase. Imagine the product and buying experience improvements, opportunities to upsell, increasing loyalty and ability to deliver more delightful post-purchase support.


Welcome to the Conversation Platform

Connecting experts to consumers across the buying experience, the Welcome™ Conversation Platform, dramatically improves acquisition, engagement and loyalty. The platform integrates with the existing systems of both brands and retailers, maximizing existing investments and ensures a seamless buying experience.

Welcome™ Bar and Welcome™ Bar Mobile
Welcome Bar is a messenger-style chat interface that enables consumers to discover available experts and receive personalized assistance. Both Welcome Bar and Welcome Bar Mobile accompany consumers across a site, ensuring they can browse, shop and chat at the same time. The Welcome Bar dynamic call-to-action button updates based on the availability of experts - so consumers are never kept waiting. 

Welcome™ Expert
Enables expert resources to connect with consumers, powered by the Conversation Platform and integrated with the expert’s agent console.

Welcome™ Collaborate
The first and only solution for driving customer acquisition by enabling both brand and retail experts to influence the consumer's buying decision within a single conversation.

Welcome™ Digital
Enables consumers to engage with content beyond retail and brand web properties. Drives customer acquisition and engagement across a spectrum of digital marketing activities including ads, native content, email, newsletters and review sites.

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Welcome™ SMS
Enables consumers to initiate conversations with experts via SMS. Used for customer acquisition and engagement pre- and post-purchase via SMS messaging. Bridges the gap between offline marketing and digital via print ads, billboards, in-store signage and marketing collateral.

Welcome™ Consumer Intelligence  
Data, performance metrics and insights gathered by the Conversation Platform is synthesized into recommendations to optimize the buying experience. 

With cart abandonment at an all time high, 78% for desktop and 88% for mobile, brands and retailers are seeking a path to higher conversion rates and better customer service. The key rests with providing shoppers with the right expertise as they buy and harnessing data and intelligence to optimize their buying experience.

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About Welcome
Welcome™, is the first platform to connect consumers with brand and retail experts in a single continuous conversation independent of any chat protocol. With its Conversation Platform, network of expert resources and intelligence gathered from consumer behavior and actual conversations, brands and retailers gain a massive competitive advantage by driving customer acquisition, engagement and increased loyalty . Some of the largest and most popular retailers and brands in the world including Dyson, LG, HP, and Samsung power their continuous buying experiences with Welcome solutions.

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