The Story of the Welcome Mascots

Back in March of this year, Welcome employees shared in Slack several links to live cam feeds of various animals. Some of the cams exhibited bears and pandas, but one special cam, the “Sauces Eagle” cam, displayed an Eagle killing and eating another bird. It was this cam that caught the attention of the Welcome team; excitement pulsing through the slack channel, we devoured these images of this majestic and feral bird, posting the hashtag #Cannibals and commenting on its ferocious nature. The Eagles became a hit, prompting us to play the live feed on the big screen of our NYC office during the workday.

The live cam monitored the breeding and nesting behavior of bald eagles on Santa Cruz Island, part of the Channel Islands National Park. And so we watched the mother eagle incubate her two baby eggs day after day, and before we knew it we had grown attached to these Eagles.

Every day, the office excitedly tuned into the live feed on the big TV, letting the feed play in the background while everyone went about their work. We witnessed the eagle eggs develop from incubation to hatching, until we saw these babies grow into mature eagles. Our attachment to these Eagles compelled us to name them: in an hour-long brainstorm, we involved members from every office to submit their ideas for the most appropriate names for Welcome’s newest mascots.

And thus, White Meat and Dark Meat were welcomed into our home.

Watching the Eagles day in and day out created a fellowship amongst the Welcome employees; it was a great conversation starter with office visitors, who would point at the screen with a quizzical look asking, “Why are you watching birds?”

Two months later, White Meat and Dark Meat spread their wings and fledged the nest, moving onto the next chapter of their lives. But we grew from watching those birds, bonding with them in a way never thought possible. For we understood their journey: Welcome was experiencing the same growth and change they were at the exact same time.

We had companions growing with us as we grew, and for that we will be forever grateful. White Meat and Dark Meat, Welcome misses you, but you will always be a part of the family.


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