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How to increase basket size with emotional connections

How to increase basket size with emotional connections

For every customer experience failure, brands lose an average of 65% of the revenue they would have earned from the affected customer during the following year. So it’s extremely important to create a good experience through chat, and not sound too pushy when upselling.

But what makes an upsell effective? Brands that inspire a higher emotional intensity receive 3x as much word-of-mouth as less emotionally connected brands. To successfully upsell customers, it’s important to create an emotional connection with the shopper.

We analyzed data from the Welcome network, which includes some of the largest brands and retailers in the world, and came up with four ways that turbo-charge upselling. By following these guidelines, you will not only provide a great experience, your customers will buy more.

1. Be a trusted advisor for chatters

Customer: "I want to purchase a Dyson cordless vac, but there are so many, it's confusing.   What is the best of the best when it comes to the cordless vacs?"

John: "This machine will come with two cleaner heads...One will be a soft roller cleaner head invented for hard floors. The soft roller cleaner head removes large debris and fine dust simultaneously. The other will be The Direct-drive cleaner head drives bristles deeper into the carpet to remove even more dirt. It has 75% more brush bar power than the V6 Cord-free vacuum."

People chat to get answers from a trusted source with more knowledge than them; representatives are that expert they go to. Be sure to be up to date on the latest product offerings. Ask questions about their specific use cases for the product so you can provide them with a more accurate recommendation. But don’t overdo it - never suggest products or features that have no relevance to their needs because it will come off inauthentic and reduce trust between the representative and customer.

One customer needed a new vacuum, but the specifications were confusing - they asked for the manufacturer’s recommendation via live chat. They wanted a cordless vacuum that would be effective with on both hard floors and carpet. The representative recommended a vacuum with two roller heads, providing a specific and detailed description. Because of this, the chatter trusted the representative’s recommendation and purchased a more expensive vacuum.

2. Don’t be a robot: use canned responses in no more than 60% of the conversation

Canned responses are useful for FAQs and succinct responses, but when the entire conversation is littered with them, representatives will sound less human and more robotic, resulting in a poor experience. Consumers expect to talk to a human, so be colloquial without losing your status as an expert.



3. Add personal anecdotes

Visitor: I wonder if the 20" Dart Boys' Bike will be the right size for my son? He is seven, about to be eight."

Joanne: “My son will be eight in June and I got this bike for him. It fits him perfectly and the seat is adjustable so he’ll be able to grow with it for a few years!”

Consumers want to know the product will work for real people. To create that emotional connection and boost loyalty for your brand, be real. Provide personal stories that will help customers relate to you, and they will trust your recommendations

While online looking for a bike for her seven-year-old son, a customer clicked to chat with the brand’s representative and asked for her opinion. The representative mentioned her own son and related the question back to her experience.  By offering this personal anecdote, the representative eased the customer’s concerns and allowed the representative to offer bike helmet recommendations, which the customer trusted.

4. Mine your chat transcripts

Chat transcripts allow brands to get to know more about the people chatting and searching their products. Through the in-depth analysis of conversations, you can discover which products are being compared and complemented, what specifications customers care about, and what questions are being asked most frequently.

These moderation insights help drive more interesting conversations and identify potential upselling opportunities for representatives.

The bottom line

Creating emotional connections drive great experiences, which increases basket size. Brands and Retailers, in the Welcome network, are able to easily leverage insights from chat transcripts and drive great emotional connections with shoppers, leading to great experiences, loyalty and increased basket sizes. 

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