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7 stats that pave the way to exceeding shopper expectations

7 stats that pave the way to exceeding shopper expectations

60% of consumers have higher expectations for customer service now than they did just one year ago.

But it is hard to keep up with expectations: only 19% of customers are satisfied with the service they receive from brands. Competing against other retailers and brands is useless if the customer is never satisfied. It’s about meeting the customer’s expectations, not doing better than a competitor.  

Below are seven statistics that lead the way to exceeding consumer expectations, instead of trying to beat the “industry standard.”

1. Agents need to use the 60/40 approach: 60% time chatting, 40% time doing research.

Our data shows us that the optimal efficiency chat goal for customer service agents is 60%. Why? Because their KPIs consist of more than answering chats. A great agent knows how to create productive chats to increase their CSAT score and improve their response time. The other 40% of their time should be spent on research and continual learning on products and customer behavior.

2. Study up on what consumers expect agents to know.

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What to do during that 40%? Consumers expect agents to know multiple facets of the product:

  • 65% expect them to know the best product value,
  • 64% want to know the highest quality product available
  • 56% expect them to know the most reliable product
  • 47% want to know the best product for their specific needs and budget
  • 34% expect them to know the most popular product

Although it’s good to know the general consumers’ needs, looking at chat transcripts to see what customers are specifically expecting will help you deliver the most focused experience.

3. Provide the same high level service across every channel.

Up to 96% of online conversation about brands happen outside of official channels, but consumers expect the same level of service on every channel. The sad reality is, though, that although 49% of US adults said their experience using websites on desktops or laptops were excellent, only 25% said the same for mobile apps on tablets and 18% said smartphone apps were excellent.

So how can you make level of service consistently good on every channel? By funneling each consumer interaction into one place where you can have a conversation, you can more easily maintain quality. In other words, a consumer, who initiates an interaction from Facebook or Twitter or a digital ad through a click, should be sent to one place where the experience has been controlled.

4. Know your niche customer.

Nearly two-thirds of consumers expect associates to have the knowledge to recommend the product with the best value and highest quality, but those categorizations differ based on specific consumer needs. By mining chat transcripts, you can discover your customer’s varying needs, concerns and questions product by product, and provide actionable insight into how to more effectively target those customers.

5. Staff your busiest hours with more agents.

72% of consumers expect brands to responds to a complaint within an hour, but 88.8% of brands fail to do this. By tracking and analyzing clickstream data and product page traffic, you can identify the hours that where you aren’t as staffed as you could be and adjust, ensuring that your customers are answered quickly and efficiently.

6. Chat and SMS are your friends.

The two methods of communication that meet consumers’ expectations of quick responses? Chat and SMS. The best part is, consumers can text wherever they are, and would no longer be tied to your site or store.  

7. Use chat transcripts to improve marketing and product pages.

It all goes back to conversation - chat transcripts give you insight into the customers’ thought processes. You can discover a feature of the product that consumers love that isn’t adequately promoted in marketing collateral and product pages; you can see what products have been chatted about most often; you can find out why consumers buy what they buy. All of this information enables you to more actively target the audience that purchases specific products and better market those products.

Conversations to conversions

Chat transcripts are a gold mine of information on your customers - by mining them and clickstream data, you can optimize your eCommerce experience to drive higher conversions.

Meet Kevin Gardiner

Kevin is an expert in Client Success, Data Intelligence, and Agent Services. He was the Director of Operations and Strategy at the Macy's Flagship Store on State Street in Chicago, and Manager of Online Operations for ToysRUs/BabiesRUs.com and ToysRUs/BabiesRUs.ca (Canada) at eBay Enterprise.  When he's not focused on improving customer experiences, Kevin loves to play the drums, piano, and to road bike around Connecticut (or wherever the road takes him).  

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