Anatomy of a conversation

What makes a consumer convert after chatting, and what makes them leave you for a competitor? Welcome’s consumer experience team highlighted one great and one not so great conversation to show what works and what doesn’t.

Key takeaways

1. Be natural

The best conversations read like a text interaction with a friend. It establishes trust between the representative and consumer.

2. Don’t keep the customer waiting

Fast response time shows you value the chatter’s time.

3. Do your due diligence

Be knowledgeable about the use cases of the different products, because customers care about whether they can use it in their life, not the features touted in the product description.

4. Listen to the customer

You have the knowledge of the products to give general advice, but the best interactions that lead to a purchase occur when the representatives take into account the specific needs of the customer. Jen gave the customer real recommendations and told her not to get a certain product because she wouldn’t be happy with it.


How can you connect with your customers from anywhere to provide a great experience?


About the Author

As Welcome's Product Manager, Belle keeps the spirit of innovation alive through creating and optimizing our products. She has been with Welcome since 2013. Being an NYU graduate, she is based in NYC and has become the go-to in the office for restaurant and food recommendations in the city.