ChatID launches latest solution to enhance Consumers’ Mobile Shopping Experience

Mobile has changed the way consumers shop. In the US alone, 75% of consumers use a smartphone and this is increasing by 20% year-on-year. Mobile commerce is growing at twice the rate of desktop commerce sites; in 2014 U.S. retail digital commerce grew by 14% to $268.5 billion.

According to a report published by StellaService, highlighting the inconsistencies that can occur with the advice provided by retailers, 75% did not deliver consistent product information to consumers.


We are proud to announce the launch of our latest solution, Chatbar Mobile. Consumers are now able to connect directly with authentic brand experts via their mobile device, without leaving the retail site or store.

The largest global retailers and brands are already utilizing ChatID’s unique desktop solution; Chatbar Mobile brings the ChatID experience to mobile devices, allowing consumers to connect with brands anywhere, anytime.

Consumers can now initiate conversations on-the-go, so brands can resolve specific product questions via the mobile retail channel; directly impacting consumers at any point during the purchase decision journey.

The features of Chatbar Mobile enable customers to chat with multiple brands at once and refer back to past advice from brand experts, ensuring they get the most accurate information, and timely responses, required to purchase the product that best fits their needs.

Post-purchase assistance is also available with Chatbar Mobile, allowing the consumer to visit the mobile retail site after they have completed purchase to receive advice on common queries, directly from the brand.

Chatbar Mobile is available today as an extension of our original Chatbar solution.

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