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Conversational Commerce is the Present and the Future.

Conversational Commerce is the Present and the Future.

In today’s digital age, brands must be wherever their customers are, and that means everywhere. Customer service cannot be relegated to just a phone number and an automated message… 

“please hold, your call is important to us”

Keeping your customer hanging doesn’t exactly convey the importance and value they have for your business.

What is it called, where customers are connected to their favorite brands, in real-time, wherever they shop? Conversational Commerce (and incidentally, Welcome can help you set that up). 

We know, that customers interact with brands while their online shopping, for numerous reasons – across brand-owned websites, mobile apps, retailer product pages, and social media. Live chat capabilities provide the opportunity for real-time conversations where customer support representatives can advise customers, no matter where they are. 

It’s unlikely that shoppers will want to leave the website they’re on to hunt for answers. Think of all the things that could distract them on the way? Facebook, adverts, cell phone notifications, news headlines, another product… 

Why risk of losing them at this point they want to engage with you? It doesn’t make sense.  

Thoughtfully embedding a chat CTA on the page, so a customer can easily click to chat with product experts, makes it easy for them to get the help they need, exactly when they need it. The most popular and busiest e-commerce sites in the world have adopted conversational commerce tactics to improve the consumer experience, and it’s working.

Product experts are proactively ready to assist the customer, sometimes before they even ask. 

Chatbots are also assisting with conversational commerce, using AI to determine the correct responses to simple questions, based on keyword patterns; applying learnings to improve these responses with each conversation. 

You can complement your live chat game by executing a well-thought-out content strategy that includes proactive chat invitations and pop-ups that appear at the right time throughout the customer’s shopping journey. 

It’s entirely possible for your same agent team to handle chats through a single interface from all your channels, giving consistency to the tone delivered to your customers. 

This is being used today by brands in retail who are serious about engaging with new customers, by expanding to other support channels that most people are familiar with and find communication a native experience. This way, as a brand, you are on every channel and always available to communicate. Stop for a moment and consider the impact this has on your company. If a customer wants to message you through Facebook Messenger, this is no different for them than pinging a friend. 

Chatbots still require human intervention to fully understand the context of what the customer needs and to determine the best action. For example, if a customer visits your website and reads through the reviews on a product and they do this twice, it can be assumed that this person is probably ready to buy. Knowing this, you might set a campaign to show a discount code pop-up with a checkout CTA, or launch proactive chat invitation.

The way in which we engage must change, because the way people consume content and want to communicate, has changed. It has the power to greatly impact add-to-basket rate, average order value, conversion, and return rate. Simply put, conversational commerce is the present and the future.

We work with some of the most iconic brands in the world, to realize their conversational commerce capabilities.

Want us to help you win customers across multiple channels? trywelcome.com/start 

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