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A day in the life of a...Market Development Director

A day in the life of a...Market Development Director

Brandon Barron, one of our most passionate employees, bleeds ChatID green. You’re most likely to find him in a 49ers beanie, riding around San Francisco on his longboard and sharing the ChatID story.

A Bay Area native, Brandon seeks adventure. To this day he loves to travel, often taking weekend snowboarding trips to Lake Tahoe, hiking the Bay Area trails or jumping on an airplane to spend time with ChatID customers and prospects.

A lifelong baseball player, Brandon was captain of his college team, feeding his competitive spirit. Growing up, he and his brothers would find creative ways to play baseball, minus the ball and bat:

“My brother and I took tiny apples, like the size of a golf ball, and really skinny sticks, and would try to strike each other out…once you could hit those, you could hit anything.”

His positive energy and perseverance can be attributed to his background. After business school, he launched his own company, winning the CU Business Plan Competition. Though the company didn’t succeed, it was a testament to his passion for entrepreneurship.

Brandon’s Path to ChatID

As our Business Development Director, Brandon has been an integral part of our team from the start and puts as much adventure into his job as he does with every aspect of his life.

Brandon joined ChatID in 2013 when the team had eight employees. The early days consisted of him and our CEO, Dan Herman, living on airplanes and evangelizing the product.

“I got Dan Herman’d…I had told him within 12 minutes that I was ready to join. He explained the vision with this twinkle in his eye, and I felt like it was a movement I just had to be a part of. He’s a tremendous leader with an unique ability to paint the future.”

As one of the first ChatID employees, Brandon has helped shape the values we see as crucial traits of any of our employees. He truly is a team player, and lives by our mantra “united we stand, united we fall.” During this time, he has learned that our integrity is the most important glue that keeps ChatID culture together.

“Getting a start-up off the ground is one of the more challenging projects I have ever been a part of. It would never have happened without a team so dedicated to a single cause. We all signed up for a purpose, and that is deeper than any financial or career gain could ever be.”

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