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Successful Brands, Listen…

Successful Brands, Listen…


If you think about your brand, the product or service you provide, you think it’s pretty dope, amirite?

You are not your customer though. Have you asked them lately what they think? If they’re not as enthusiastic as you, then you have some work to do. When you consider your knowledge of what you do, customer feedback may seem disjointed, but I’ll assume one commonality: you failed to ask it was they truly wanted before you went to market. To be successful, you need to evaluate from your customers’ point of view, not yours.

It’s never too late to rectify the situation and pivot. Do what you can to determine what your customers need. Listen to them, learn about what they want, what they need. This includes how they would like to communicate with you about using your product or service, what they see as positive or negative, and how you might improve customer service. If you plan on launching a new feature, your customers should feel that their voices have been heard.

1. Customer Driven Feedback

Customers initiate the line of communication and reach out to tell you how they feel, based on their experience with your brand. They may reach out via live chat, through social media, email, or by phone.

2. Customer Observed Feedback

Set-up monitoring to find out how your customers are using your product. Use this to inform what should be included in your knowledge center and track the journey end-to-end in the event of a ticket being raised.

3. Customer Requested Feedback

Proactively ask customers for feedback to help you determine what features your next product should have or what your next steps should be. You want to develop a product or feature that is received enthusiastically in the marketplace. However, this cannot be predicted with any certainty. You must put out an MVP and see what the reaction is. 


Listen to Feedback

It is worthwhile to conduct in-depth online surveys and interviews. You can do this by using a survey process called “Voice of the Customer” (VoC). You can find an abundance of VoC programs and templates online. The process involves specifying your objectives and using the framework to capture the results. Create surveys that are sent out to your audience after specific events or within a certain cadence. These are referred to as Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys or programs. 

Customer feedback from these surveys should inform your next release and put you in the best position for a positive response. Analyze the surveys thoroughly. Don’t react with haste or take everything literally. Everything must be carefully considered in the right context.

In an ideal world, your products will make customers happy, help you build brand loyalty, and increase customer lifetime value.

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