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How to deliver a specialty-like experience at Walmart scale

How to deliver a specialty-like experience at Walmart scale

Marc Lore, President and CEO of Walmart eCommerce U.S, said during his interview at Code/Commerce during Shoptalk 2017 that the game for mass merchants is won and lost in the long tail. 

It's easy to get parity of assortment in the fat tail, but continuing to build out tail of assortment is where the challenge lies.

To accelerate categories, it's important to partner with companies who have in-depth product expertise, strengthen the relationships with manufacturers, and produce great product content. As a measurement of success, Walmart have implemented the five pillars of success: 

  • Have It - Do you have the products people want?
  • Find It - Can they find the products?
  • Display It - Are they displayed with the information necessary to make a decision?
  • Price It - Is it priced right?
  • Deliver It - Is it delivered fast?

There's a direct correlation between the 5-pillars and how Welcome helps product manufacturers and retailers to improve the customer experience. We partnered with our friends at Content Analytics and headed to Bentonville for an evening of tacos and talks with local Walmart suppliers.

Focusing on three inputs of the Walmart Customer Value Index: Have It, Find It, and Display It, Dan Herman reveals how to convert more shoppers into customers, and create an awesome shopping experience on Walmart.com. 

    Watch The Full Video: Have It - Find It - Display It

    Find out how you can optimize three inputs of the Walmart Customer Value Index to increase conversions on Walmart.com:

    • Have it: Increase speed to purchase with engagement and real time conversations
    • Find it: Recommend products that otherwise go unnoticed in search
    • Display it: Utilize consumer insights and data to enhance product detail pages and brand splash pages
    What Do Shoppers Want to Know?

    What Do Shoppers Want to Know?