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What Questions Do Consumer Electronics Customers Ask Brand Experts?

What Questions Do Consumer Electronics Customers Ask Brand Experts?

Online chat usage has risen in the past three years — from 38% in 2009 to 43% in 2012 to 58% in 2014. Not only can brands connect with consumers in real-time, they can discover unique insights about buying behavior to more accurately and effectively assist.

Through our data, we found that 75% of consumers ask a product-related question compared to only 25% who ask questions relating to customer service, for example, shipping, store availability and warranty information.

What questions are consumers most likely to ask?

“Is this laptop good for gaming?”

Consumers reach out to a brand product expert because they need the most knowledgeable response regarding a particular product. The most common request is for a recommendation based on a specific need the consumer has in mind.

“Is this wireless printer compatible with my smartphone?”

In a world driven by communication and technology, everyone owns a consumer electronic device. When contemplating what product to purchase, consumers want to know if the product will work with their existing devices and peripherals.

“This TV says 60 Hz in the title, but below it says 120 Hz - which is it?”

Many consumers ask chat agents to provide more detailed specifications of a product to ensure it’s the correct one, minimizing the need to return it later.

“Is this product compatible with X:XX software?”

This is a common question we see consumers ask while shopping. Many legacy products do not support the latest software. Consumers want to identify any potential software issues that may occur.

“Is the sound quality in these wireless headphones better or the same as the wired version?”

If a consumer is choosing between two products, they will often ask a brand product expert their opinion on which product they should buy based on their requirements.

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