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Shoptalk 2017, What You Need To Know

Shoptalk 2017, What You Need To Know

Shoptalk 2017 is fast approaching! What’s different this year? Let’s take a quick peek...

40% more attendees

100+ more CEOs

600+ more companies


6 things you may have missed from Shoptalk 2016

It’s time to embrace the idea of distributed commerce.

The concept of omnichannel focused on bring together multiple channels, but this misses the central concept of why you would do that in the first place, to be available to the consumer anywhere, anytime to buy

You need to focus on the customer.

Need I say more?

The Nature of the Physical Store is Changing

Physical stores are here to stay. In fact, many are now used as distribution hubs.

Every brand and retailer should be using big data

Big data means big, meaningful answers

Technology fuels retail.

Physical stores may be here to stay, but they will need to transform with capabilities offered by technological advances to support new opportunities meeting people’s desires

Dan Herman on the Expert Panel

Did you miss Dan Herman's panel talk last year? Fret not, he returns to Shoptalk 2017 alongside Jordy Leiser (StellaService) and Amit Sharma (Narvar). Together, they will discuss connecting customers with experts on the products and brands they're evaluating and how retailers use the latest in customer service intelligence to benchmark their performance against competitors. Catch them on Tuesday March 21, at 4:30 pm in Track 4.


What’s new at Shoptalk 2017?

Anil Aggarwal and Jonathan Weiner, Shoptalk's founders, want you to dive right in this year with sessions beginning on Sunday afternoon.

No more waiting until the last day for startup pitches, at Shoptalk 2017 attendees will be able to enjoy the Pitch Contest starting on Day 1, Track 1 at 3pm.

‘Fireside Chats’ or interviews, as well as presentations are now inserted between two blocks of sessions.

Sessions are slightly shorter at 35 min per session down from 40 min.

Breakfast has been extended another half hour to a full 2 hours (always good to know!)

Exhibit Hall Hours open an hour earlier on Monday and Tuesday.
Note: the hall also closes earlier on Tuesday at 6 pm.

Recode’s invite-only series starts an hour earlier at 5 pm.

The final day of Shoptalk 2017 now includes a section called “Deep Dives” with a variety of topics.


Scale Smarter, not Harder!

Dan and the team were at Shoptalk chatting to retail companies about how our technology enables scale in-depth product expertise to reach shoppers across multiple eCommerce sites.

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