The Cost of Waiting

Holiday Period Chat Response Times

No one likes waiting. Whether it’s for deli meat, the daily commute or a dentist appointment, the queue has a cost.

Nowhere perhaps is that more apparent than online shopping, where choice is just a click away. And for retailers, the holiday period is perhaps the grandest opportunity to identify what’s working and where customer experience may be weaker.

ChatID is committed to delivering the experience consumers deserve, by providing them with product and service expertise whenever, wherever, and however, they choose to shop.

Research indicates that 3 out of 4 shoppers have abandoned their web cart in the last year, and a leading driver of that frustration and failure to convert is a lack of product detail combined with wait times for product questions via chat.

StellaService reports in a sample of 1,500 phone calls and live chats during Cyber Weekend 2015 that the average chat response time overall was 80 seconds. Six retailers connected customers to chat agents in under 20 seconds: Lowe’s, Target, Zappos, Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon.

ChatIDis proud to report our response times for that same period average just 19.55 seconds per chat. That’s 75%+ faster than the average.

Despite our 130%+ increase in volume, we were able to provide industry-leading chat response times (<20 seconds) while still improving CSAT scores vs. 2014.

How do our retailers achieve top customer service speed? 

ChatID’s technology seamlessly integrates with existing chat platforms to power conversations between the customer and the manufacturer, through any channel, both online and brick and mortar.

By complementing existing contact center activity, retailers are able to create operational scale, reduce wait and costs, and also specialize in driving product education, technical support and live Q&A. While product experts can impact sales outside of their own channel, and ensure their brand is properly represented.

Moreover, brands support their experts, so retailers can provide an unparalleled experience for customers without incurring additional overheads during peak periods. 

Want to know more?ChatIDcan help you delight consumers with the experience they deserve while simultaneously accelerating your retail channel sales - contact our team at [email protected].