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Best Customer Service Platform P­­artner - 2018 Eggie Awards

Best Customer Service Platform P­­artner - 2018 Eggie Awards

We are thrilled to announce our win at the 2018 Eggie Awards, where Welcome was named Best Customer Service Platform P­­artner.

Each year, Newegg celebrates the Eggie Awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now in its 14th year, the coveted Eggie Awards recognize outstanding contributions from the company’s valued partners, vendors and customers.

The 2018 Eggie Awards gala was hosted at the Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace Las Vegas on Jan 11, where Dan Herman, President and Founder, was present to accept the coveted award.

“In ongoing support of Newegg’s mission to create an excellent customer experience on Newegg.com, we have continued to expand the number of vendors taking part in the Welcome program. We are incredibly proud to have some of the largest brands in the consumer electronics industry use our technology to assist Newegg customers in real time. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Newegg to lead in customer service innovation throughout 2018.” - Dan Herman, Welcome’s President and Founder

We saw great success with the Welcome program in 2017. When comparing internally collected, aggregate chatter vs non-chatter conversion data, across all our clients, we found that chatters converted 233% more often, contributed to 153% increased revenue per order, and increased add-to-cart by 34%.

 “Since 2014, Welcome has helped deliver real-time expert product assistance to customers shopping on Newegg,” said Danny Lee, CEO of Newegg. “This well-deserved Eggie Award for Best Customer Service Platform Partner celebrates their continued commitment to our mission of delivering an excellent customer experience on Newegg.com. We are enthusiastic to continue this collaboration into 2018.”

This is the third time Welcome (formerly ChatID) has won a coveted Eggie, the first for Best Marketing Platform in 2014, the second for Best Brand Support Solution in 2016.

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